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William L. Shaw, II, PASTOR
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Missionary Ministry

The Union Baptist Missionary Society is not unlike the Missionaries of old.  It is comprised of an array of God-filled women who minister to the Church Family and community in that gentle and loving manner which only seem to belong a mother.  

Aside from participating in the State, American and World Missions' functions, the UBC Missionaries have spearheaded several annual days.  Their special projects include:
Formula, food and clothing donations to battered women shelters
Food baskets to the indigent or shut-in
Benevolence donations to various organizations
Temporarily suspended is the . . .
Visitation and calls to the infirmed

Missionary's Refreshment Ministry

which provides light refreshments and an opportunity to fellowship Morning Worship Services on the Second through Fifth Sundays.  

Please look for the Missionary Ministries in-the-works projects of the Union and Friends Cook Book and the continuation of this web site.

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